Ten or so years ago now I ventured out on my own developing a Meat Processing premise on our 10 acre block in Rangiora, catering to Farmers and Hunters.  Butchery is in my blood, it’s all I have done for a job.  I love being a butcher and I love developing new products and learning new skills and practises.  In October 2011 we were granted a NZ Food Safety license to operate as a dual butchery, which meant being able to produce for the markets.  We have since then been stall holders at Ohoka, Lyttelton, Oxford and Amberley Farmers’ Markets.

The business is a family operation.  My wife, Paulette gave up her full time job and now works by my side developing our business, managing the accounts, inventories and the market stalls.  We also have a full time employee Gary, who is also a qualified butcher.  You are bound to see our  children and my mother in-law helping out at the markets.

I have over 40 years experience as a butcher and prior to venturing out on my own I developed products for some of the larger commercial smallgoods producers in Christchurch.  It is a pleasure now to be able to produce quality products that use quality meat, simple ingredients, old fashioned processes and use minimal additives and minimal use of  “E” numbers.

We have two children who have both developed Coeliac Disease, which is an auto-immune reaction to Gluten.  This has enhanced our awareness of Allergies and special dietary needs.

Apart from making jolly good Sausages and smallgoods we have developed our business around being able to cater for special dietary needs.

During my earlier years as a butcher I was involved with Alliance Freezing works developing export standard premises and practices.  This has provided me with additional training in HASSAP and other quality food controls.  We can assure our customers that the best of food hygiene and hazard management is conducted.

Our business began as a lifestyle choice, but has now grown to a 7 day operation with a variety of avenues feeding off from the butchery.  I love dealing with the Wild Gamers, having been a keen hunter in the past and I can relate to the Farmers and Lifestylers with their own animals for processing, as we live on a lifestyle block with Fellow Deer and Beef of our own.

My passion is making Small goods, which we sell at the Farmers Market.  The market is the perfect environment to display my products and receive feedback from the market goers.  I love the social interaction with people and can always find time to talk about meat!

I love it when a restaurateur or a meat enthusiast asks …Can you make………..

As the business grows we are always stretching ourselves to improve the quality!  We always sourced locally,, but now we use very good local Free Farmed Pork.  There is demand now increasing for Preservative free products, so we now offer Nitrate Free Bacon and Preservative Free Sausages.

I love what I do and being passionate about it makes my life a pleasure.  As I say to others “It’s Always Sunny in my world”!  That’s why you’ll find me in shorts all year round.  I can see myself still making Sausages in my retirement.

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