We are manufacturers of a delicious array of European style Pre-cooked Sausages – Spicy Chorizo, Italian (Fennel) Chorizo, Cajun Andouille, Russian Cheese Kransky, Polish Garlic, Polish Smoked Bacon, Cuban Longaniza.  Plus our Air Dried range  – Spanish Chorizo, Hungarian Kolbasz and Swiss Air Dried Sausage.  Come and have a taste!  Find a flavour that suits you from our range.  These are fabulous added to Pasta dishes, Fried Rice or Risotto, flavour enhances for Stews and soups.   Ideal as a Pizza topping or even added to a Quiche.  Fabulous as a snacks or on a nibbles Platter.

If you love a good Saussie……try our fabulous Fresh Gourmet Sausages.  With varieties like Apple & Fennel, Dijon Pork and Greek Pork, with a hint of Garlic and mint, you won’t be disappointed.   Low preservative, Gluten Free. MSG Free and a good lean pork.  They are a hit already with our customers.

Bacon!  We offer three varieties.  Dry Cured Bacon – not too salty, a little Manuka Smoke, fabulous flavour, one that will definitely go crispy in the pan.   Nitrate Free Bacon – this is our speciality.  Very few butchers have mastered this technique.  With demand increasing for Nitrate Free products, you will love this one.  Pancetta – a herb crusted Bacon.  Absolutely delicious.  Just add it to a Pasta dish and you have a winner!

Salami…  Danish (mild), Verona (Garlic), Pepperoni (Spicy).  These are our gems.  A Beef and Pork blend.  Sold Fresh allowing you to mature to your own liking, if it last long enough before devouring.  Recently added to our range with enormous success Farmed Venison Salami.

Specialty products are offered from time to time like…. Boerewors  and  Scottish Square Sausage.  An old English Favourite – Black Pudding .   Specialty items can be pre-ordered and collected from your nearest Farmers’ Market.

Platter of meat

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  • Artisan products

  • Quality is premium

  • All meat is sourced Locally

  • Free Farmed Pork

  • Gluten Free

  • MSG Free

  • Soy Free

  • Some Preservative Free

  • Recyclable Plastics Used

  • NZ Made packaging

  • Locally sourced ingredients where possible

  • Mail order available